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In the heart of electrifying Neurofunk, we had the extraordinary opportunity to catch up with Grigory Cherekaev, the DJ and producer renowned for his role in the powerhouse trio, Teddy Killerz. Following his performance at NOISEBREAK: CHAPTER VI, an event that left the crowd in awe, we sat down with Grigory to explore the remarkable atmosphere of the show and gain insight into the future plans of Teddy Killerz.

Hello Greg! First of all, thank you for accepting this interview, it means a lot to us!

Thank you for having me!

So after 6 years, Teddy Killerz is back in Romania for NOISEBREAK: CHAPTER VI, how did you feel about the crowd’s energy and response tonight?

It was fantastic! The last time in Romania was my colleague, Oleg. It’s my first time in Bucharest, so I’m super excited. It was a blast, great vibes, I think you could also see it while I was playing – I was dancing and having fun with everyone else.

I think everybody from the crowd felt this energy. After an electrifying show like tonight’s, what’s next for Teddy Killerz? Are there any upcoming projects, releases or tour plans that your fans can look forward to in the coming months?

Yes! There is one big day for us in December, we’re going to Johannesburg, in South Africa for the first time. It’s really exciting and I keep asking everyone who’s been there, like A.M.C., Enei, “How is it there?”. Everyone had a good time there so I’m really looking forward to this particular show. We are also going to have a show in Prague, in Czech Republic so it really feels like I’m coming back home.

Release wise, we have a new single coming in a few days on Monstercat, “Fight Me”, and then in December, we should have a Dead Limit Remix for Noisia.

That sounds really exciting, we are going to be looking forward to these! Could you also share a message for the Noisebreakers who enjoyed your show tonight?

Noisebreakers, thank you very much for coming and for your energy! Being on stage, sometimes it’s tricky, you have to stick to the vibe of the people who come to the show, but this was 100% a perfect match and I enjoyed it. I’m also super excited to be in Bucharest for the first time and explore the city and just enjoy the things there.

As we wrap up this electrifying conversation with Grigory Cherekaev, we’ve gained a glimpse into the pulse of NOISEBREAK: CHAPTER VI. Grigory’s infectious energy, his excitement about future performances, and the upcoming releases have undoubtedly left us eagerly anticipating what the future holds for Teddy Killerz. Thank you for being part of this adventure with Noisebreak!

Here is a special gift for all the Noisebreakers who kept reading until the very end of the article:

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